Bra Be Gone


The Bra Be Gone

Image of The Bra Be Gone

Become confident and competent at taking off a girls bra with one hand.

No more awkward fumbling around when she is ready to get naked.

After practicing with the Bra Be Gone, you'll have those boobies out with the snap of your fingers!

Also a great gag gift for any male friend/family member's birthday, 8th grade graduation, etc.

The more people around when opening the gift, the more laughs shared about the taboo topic of learning how to remove a girls bra.

How it works (as shown on product pics)

-put the hooks through the eyes and slide the Bra Be Gone over your hand on to your wrist

-position the red bra image on the underside of your wrist.

-practice un-hooking the strap with the opposing hand.